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Man to Man with Tim Blake: Re-Integration
Tim shares some unique advice on how he and his wife handle re-integration after a deployment.  Tim's well thought out plan and his ability to articulate it, makes this video a Macho Spouse favorite!  (Run Time: 11:28...long, but worth it)

Man to Man: Tim Blake - Talking About Deployments
Tim Blake is an Army male military spouse with over 14 years experience as a stay-at-home-dad who has successfully guided his family through multiple deployments. Tim also writes for Military Spouse and his own blog, Army Dad (armyspouseami.blogspot.com). In this video, Tim shares some of what he has learned over the years about surviving a deployment.

Free Mentoring And Networking For Military Entrepreneurs


Sharks And Stripes 2: Camp Pendleton, CA, 13 June and live online.

Do you need a little help with your business idea? Are you growing your revenue but not sure how to reinvest it for growth? Are you worried about financing or interested in talking with an investor?

Image of Mr. Rey Ybarra standing on stage behind a podium to host the Sharks And Stripes entrepreneur conference | The-Military-Guide.com

Scenes from a previous Sharks And Stripes

Rey Ybarra has worked with entrepreneurs for years, and he even wrote the book about it. These

Your Auto Insurance Premiums Are Rising, But Its Not Just You


My social media has lit up this year with complaints about vehicle insurance.

It seems as if every military family whos transferred to a new duty station has paid more money to insure the same autos and the same drivers. Even families who havent moved (yet) are unhappy when they renew their policies: more money for the same coverage. Its not just geckos or good hands or eagles or good neighbors or mouthy mascots. Insurance seems to cost more no matter whos selling it.

The trend is clear: everyones auto insurance premiums are rising across the industry. Many insurers are paying out more than theyre earning. Theyre all trying to cut costs, but were going to see rising rates for a few more years.

You could shop around for the cheapest deals (again!), but this time its not going to be easy or happy. There are a few tactics you can apply to your insurance choices, and well talk about those after diving into the problems.

First, let me establish some credibility. Im not just re-writing press releases here, and this discussion came from months of patient pers

Camp Mustache 4 Encore (And A Free Book!)


[Nords note: My spouse and I are still on Mainland slow travel, and well head back to Oahu in mid-July. Maybe well see you at a military Space A passenger terminal!]


We spent another Memorial Day weekend at the Rainbow Lodge in the bustling megalopolis of North Bend, WA. (Snarkasm! Its a lovely little town.) This was my second Camp Mustache, and they just keep getting better. Unlike last years chilly rainy mosh pit, this years Seattle-area weather was sunny, cloudless, and warm.

Image of Doug Nordman at Camp Mustache 4 talking about "How I Wish I'd Invested Back Then" to other attendees | The-Military-Guide.com

The usual aloha shirt!

Camp Mustaches are nonprofit events which are crowdsourced by readers of the Mr. Money Mustache blog and the members of its forum. Instead of a formal licensed franchise with rules and brands and other guidelines, its an extended meetup of like-minded people with food & lodging. Its limited to 50 attendees and this year it sold out via a lottery. Its nearly unstructured free time: we spent the weekend with a few breakout sessions on specific topics, but most of it was random person

Man-to-Man with William McEvoy/Beating Depression
Depression affects quite a few male military spouses and not everyone handles it the same way, some better than others.  In part two of William McEvoy's Man-to-Man interview, William shares how he has been able to successfully manage his own fight with depression.  We're not saying this is the best way to beat all forms of depression.  His strategy worked for him, it may not work for you.  Either way, this interview is a good place to start for those who feel they may need help.

image for An Interview with Chris Pape, the Macho Spouse (Part I)

An Interview with Chris Pape, the Macho Spouse (Part I)

Former Vice President of the United States Hubert H. Humphrey once said, "Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law." Could the reverse be true? I believe so!

When we think of the term "military Spouse", many have the habitual tendency to assume we're talking about a woman. These unsung heroines also come in the form of unsung heroes, with either definition of military spouse serving a vital role in unique marital relationships.

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image for PTSD study seeks male military spouses

PTSD study seeks male military spouses

Researchers at George Mason University hope an ongoing study into the effects of post-traumatic stress on soldiers' home lives will yield more ways the Army can address the issue — and not just for one type of family unit.

About 15 spots in the study are open for male spouses or partners of female soldiers in the active Army, the National Guard or the Army Reserve who have exhibited symptoms of PTSD. An official diagnosis of the disorder is not required for a family member to participate, lead researcher Keith Renshaw said.


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image for How to Overcome the Challenges of Being a Male Military Spouse

How to Overcome the Challenges of Being a Male Military Spouse

My name is Scott Stanley and I'm a research professor in the psychology department at the University of Denver and I've worked with military families, especially through the Chaplain Corps for about 20 years now and I'm also the principal investigator of a large study that's going on right now following many married couples in the Army to see how things go over time.

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image for Life As a Male Military Spouse

Life As a Male Military Spouse

Whether you're a former service member or you're new to military life, being the male spouse of a service member can take some getting used to. There are some situations you'll likely face that could put a stress on your marriage. You can help keep your marriage strong by learning about these situations you may face, preparing for them, recognizing when you need help and knowing the resources available to you.

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image for Get a Look Inside the Life of a Male Military Spouse

Get a Look Inside the Life of a Male Military Spouse

Everett Lopez is an exception within the exception.

He's a male military spouse, whose ranks account for just 7 percent of all military spouses. Beyond that, he's a male military spouse with a private sector career, an even rarer combination.

While he's proud of his wife and of his role, his 11-year journey as a military spouse has been marked at times by stereotypes, insufficient support and isolation.

I got the chance to interview Everett, who is active at Military Spouse Central, about his experiences as a military husband. After hearing his story, it became clear that military and civilian readers alike can perhaps gain a new perspective about what it means to be a military spouse.

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image for 9 Tips for New Military Spouses to Ensure You Receive Your Benefits

9 Tips for New Military Spouses to Ensure You Receive Your Benefits

Military life can be an exciting adventure, as long as you're prepared. Here are some tips to help you begin your new life as part of the military community.


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image for I Was A Real Man

I Was A Real Man's Man!

Prior to my wife's enlistment in the Army, I was a real man's man. For the better part of a decade, I put on my boots every morning before getting in a hot, smelly work truck in Florida–a loud and beefed up 1984 F-150 pulling a lawn trailer. I was self-employed; my days were spent inhaling the exhaust of lawn equipment or enjoying the smell of fresh dirt while I planted trees and shrubs, or laid down sod.  When I wasn't working or spending time with my family, I fished, played poker, bowled, and did all sorts of other fellowship things with other men. I even camped alone in the wilderness. My life was filled with all kinds of manly activities. 

When she shipped out to boot camp, I became a military spouse, and everything I thought I knew about life changed. And that change was drastic.  In March of 2010 I was Wayne “Doughboy” Perry, just your average landscaper running a weed-whacker and pushing a wheelbarrow.  By October 2012, I was Wayne Perry, AKA TheArmyWife(DUDE), speaking at the Association of the United States Army(AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition as a voice for male military spouses.


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image for Husband of major at JBSA-Randolph is lone male in 2014 military spouse contest

Husband of major at JBSA-Randolph is lone male in 2014 military spouse contest

When Chris Pape jumped in his car in January 2011 and began driving around the country, little did he know that his inaugural idea for a website would eventually help change the lives of the people he's most familiar with — male military spouses, and their wives who help defend this country.

Pape and his wife, Maj. Dana Pape, are stationed at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph. Chris was selected as one of six active duty military members' spouses — and the only male — competing for the 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year award, presented by Military Spouse magazine.



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image for Sincerely, Left Behind Male Spouse

Sincerely, Left Behind Male Spouse

Dear Mindy,

I am not sure what to do. I am the very rare and hardly noticed male military spouse. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. My wife is always being invited to both military member events and spouse events because they mistake her for the actual dependent. I feel like I have lost myself within a world that does not yet accept male spouses. I love my wife and I love the military life, but how do I work on getting people to understand that I go through the exact same problems as female spouses?


Left Behind Male Spouse

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image for The Unsung Hero - the male military spouse

The Unsung Hero - the male military spouse

FORT STEWART -- The quintessential Army spouse is female and, according to the Army Wife's Creed, is charged with upholding certain standards for her husband, yet, in one particular Army household, the roles are reversed. 

This role reversal sometimes leaves Family Member and Army husband, Jajonelle Dejarnette, a recreational aid and CrossFit guru at Fort Stewart's Jordan Gym, in flux. 

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