What is a Male Military Spouse?

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What is a Male Military Spouse?

The Male Military Spouse? What is that?

There's a growing trend within the U.S. military, in which there are couples where the female is a service member and the male is not. The non-military male spouse is the male military spouse.

There is a fairly large population of male military spouses. Between the five branches of active duty service there are approximately 100,000 men married to female service members. While some of those numbers include dual military couples, that population comprises only about 35-45 percent of the marriages of female service members.

Here are some numbers:

  • 98,500 Active duty male military spouses
  • 88,140 Reserve/National guard male military spouses
  • Over 50% are civilian - no military background
  • Nearly 187,000 Male military spouses around the world according to DoD

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